• Going to Mood Fabrics in a few hours with WingedPiranha; me for fabric for the Rocket costume I’m making for Anime Boston ‘12 (yes, I am a huge nerd/geek/dork/whateveridontcareilikeit) and her for some studs and other fun stuff to do more of her t-shirt redesigns with and whatever an artist like her does in her off time (which is make really cool stuff, only a few which she has pictures of up on her tumblr). We’re also planning to stop by the giant Forever 21 since WP used to work at the one in the mall near us and she’s never been to the big one, Trash & Vaudville because we want to, and other places, the names of which are as of unknown to us since we literally made the plans to go a month ago and then didn’t finish until a few hours ago when we decided what time to leave. And guess who just remembered she was supposed to stop by the ATM earlier… Well, shit. I’ll just make WP stop by it on the way out tomorrow; not like it isn’t right past the highway.

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